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Xiti releases a studyon on the impact of Download Day and the launch of Firefox 3 in Europe:

Quoting Xiti – “Download Day” is plain to see: the average share of visits by Firefox 3 in European countries practically doubled between June 17 and 18, 2008:

* From June 9 to 17, Firefox 3’s market share is pretty stable…
* before rising from 3.6% on June 17 to 6.5% on June 18, 2008 with the launch of its official release.

Firefox 3’s share of visits then rises day by day to hit 9.3% on June 22, 2008, or almost one visit in every ten on average in Europe and a threefold rise during the week when “Download day” took place”.

They go on to show the table above with EU’s average market share hovering around 34% – which would be a 5% increase since the last Xiti report was published in April ( The numbers in this table are pretty changeable, reaching 34% 2 days before the launch of Fx 3.

Xiti should be publishing their quarterly report at the end of this month – it will be interesting to see the numbers for EU over this longer period.

What an amazing 7 days its been for Firefox…

Last Friday Gandalf brought to our attention the latest Gemius browser market figures for Hungary. We were delighted to see Firefox 2 now at the top of the ‘browser version’ list – with more users than IE 6 and more than IE7. We are still fighting against a combined Microsoft market share of 60+% but our numbers still continue to grow, whilst theirs continues to shrink. We’ll keep you updated with this amazing progress.

Gemius graph showing Hungary\'s browser version market share on April 25th 08

Likewise in Poland yesterday – the very same thing happened. Gemius released their latest ‘browser version’ numbers, showed Firefox 2 pulling away here in terms of the most number of users. Similarly we are playing catch up behind IE, but in Poland the gap is much closer with IE 6 &7 totaling 56% and Firefox 2 34.7% according to Gemius.

Gemius graph showing Poland\'s browser version market share on April 25th 08

Finally, Tristan just a few moments ago has blogged about the latest Xiti Numbers for Europe which have been released in French. I’m afraid my french is more than rusty – so I’m more than happy to cite Tristan’s amazing news that Xiti states Firefox now has on average in Europe – 29% market share. For more please read Tristan’s post here:

When I am privy to the EN version – I’ll be pulling this apart and sharing more with you then. 😉

But in the meantime, I think we should offer a VERY big thanks to the Hungarian and Polish teams – and for the rest of Europe – a HUGE well done to you too!


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