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For those of you who have followed my blog in the past… you’ll know that I’ve been remiss in writing for nigh on 5 months. No excuses — but moving my family and life to the United States last Autumn took a lot of time and energy. New surroundings, home, and job all created a completely new life style for Pascal and I. One that I’m so happy that we decided to embrace, its been a roller coaster. I’m learning more about people, and myself than I thought in the great US of A. And have to admit — I really do *love* it.

So for now, I’m now ready to dust of the keyboard, and penn some thoughts.

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Last week, as I was traveling so much my dog Gimli also got a holiday at his favourite dog sitters Rachel. Here’s a few pictures of the little critter and his buddies for the week (Finnbar, Teddy, and Buttons):

So this weekend has been a bit of a rush. It’s the weekend my husband and I are bringing our dog over from Berlin to our new home in London. Thankfully the days of 6 months of quarantine at a UK port are over for EU pets, but still the journey is long and arduous.


We flew out to Berlin on Friday afternoon, collected the rascal from our friend and dog breeder Michaela Deininger who has been taking care of him for the past 7 weeks (we are indebted to her acts of kindness not just on this occasion but many times over the years). Saturday was then a 6 hour drive to Cologne where Gimli got further shots and a health check up. Tomorrow will be the final leg, a drive onward to Amsterdam where he’ll be flown ‘cargo’ to Heathrow. I will be there waiting for him, ready to bring him home. More news and pictures to come… 🙂

Jane moves to London

So there was a significant chaos this week whilst my husband and I moved to London. I’ve been living in Berlin since 2003, and believe me those four and a half years have simply flown by. But time had come for change and London was beckoning to me. My husband was hoping for somewhere warmer (Sydney or California), but finally accepted to trial the UK’s temperamental climate for a few years on the premise he gets to choose the next time. I’d lived in London for several years working firstly for Sotheby’s and then eBay UK – I had some great fun in this huge metropolis and we’re looking forward to rediscovering old haunts.

Here’s some pictures of the move out and in! We are getting settled bit by bit and will soon be out of boxes (hopefully!).

Last thing to do is bring our dog over the Channel, which we are hoping to do in a few weeks time – then all will be perfect.

Here’s to our first London weekend.

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