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Engagement vs. Marketing?

Marketing, so the dictionary says, is: “… the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”.  But to Engage means to: “attract or involve, cause someone to be involved in, participate, establish a meaningful contact or connection…”.

Which one sounds right for Mozilla?    Doesn’t take too much thought, right?

Engage is what we’ve always done. Together as a global community we have and continue to, attract millions of Firefox users, welcome participation and collaboration, build strong relationships, and carve a place in people’s hearts and minds. A non-profit attracting 400M+ Firefox users across the world, isn’t able to do that without people who quintessentially care about the Internet and People.

So what else can we do?
We think its important to further expand engagement, and especially with our users. Over the coming weeks and months we’re going to be examining and expanding the ways we connect with our Firefox users; increasing the ways people can connect, find product know-how and get to know the organization. At the same time, we want to create more, easy ways for people to get involved and participate in Mozilla. The project is already expanding to artists, film-makers, teachers and more, via the Drumbeat initiative. These are exciting times to involve as many people as possible in building a healthy Internet (and have fun!).

What can you do?

We would love your thoughts and input. Many of you reading this have been demonstrative in the building of the Mozilla movement this far, you are some of the most experienced people out there who know how to widen participation in the project and spread Firefox.

We’ve started a wiki page, and added some of the details about projects which we’ve started, there will and should be more. Please do reach out to myself, and others mentioned on the wiki if you would like to help, or find out more. We’ll all be posting more details soon, and would love to hear from you anytime for comments, ideas and help.

Picture 1

Marketing is funny at Mozilla. Whenever, I’m asked what do I do, I’ll very often say “marketing” — and that always feels strange when it tumbles out of my mouth. The next question is usually “… so what is marketing at Mozilla then?” … and further questions about “If you do all that, how big is the team?”

Let me try to answer…

What is marketing at Mozilla?
Well, this would be a very long answer if I went into even half the detail. But let me say in short – our job is all about…
– Sharing and advocating for a more open and better Web
– Spreading Firefox, and having people enjoy a modern browsing experience
– Help build and work together with Mozilla communities, and other open source communities to make great software

and we do this in so many ways which are not typical to marketing. We …

– Work together in the open to craft, build and run campaigns
– Empower and encourage communities to hold their own events and campaigns
– Share results in public, and talk about both our achievements and findings to take on board in future

– and much, much more…

How big is the Team in Europe?
In Europe there are 4 people including myself who help do the above. But actually, our team is much bigger than this. In each country there are scores of Firefox and Mozilla fans, and community members who each day advocate and share the importance of the open Web. Our wider team reaches in the hundreds, and that’s the way we like it!  Anyone can join, and anyone can get involved regardless of skill. The only requirement is a passion for open source and a desire to make the Web better.

** New Open Community Marketing position **
So if you got this far in my post — I’d say you are interested in marketing and community at Mozilla. And we are very lucky to have an open full time job opportunity available for a European Community Marketing Manager. The position is based in Paris. Here’s a quick round up of the job spec:

European Community Marketing Manager
Primary responsibilities include development of new programs to engage community and activism, as well as promote Firefox mindshare throughout Europe. Defining and implementing regional community campaigns and activities, market research, and day-to-day efforts in order to support community marketing, growth and effectiveness.

The ideal candidate will be highly organized and self-motivated, a strong communicator with experience managing marketing programs and campaigns.

** Primary Responsibilities:
* Lead, develop and implement new community grassroots  initiatives and marketing campaigns
* Support and initiate activities for Mozilla Campus reps program in Europe
* Contribute to overall community marketing programs with “real-world” components (eg. Meetups, Campus events, launch parties, etc)
* Conduct and assist with regular community surveys
* Review, share, participate and provide information on Spreadfirefox, forums, marketing mailing lists, IRC and blogs
* Communicate across a diverse community of project contributors and volunteers
* Assist with other marketing related activities and where needed, participate at key trade shows and events
* Provide support for Mozilla Mission-focused community initiatives

So, if you want to be a part of this amazing movement. Read more about the job and apply here.

** Photo courtesy of homardpayette on Saturday February 7th 2009 at FOSDEM ’09

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Hi all:  Please join us for todays’s community marketing call at 10am PDT / 18:00 UTC on April 8th

How to join the call:

  • Dial-in Info: +1.650.903.0800, followed by 92# and then 7391#
  • Or you can use our toll-free number: +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369# and then 7391#. If you’re outside the US, use Skype to call in with our toll-free number.
  • You can also watch the meeting live in Open Video at air mozilla
  • For those that can’t make the call or want to participate online, join us in #marketing on IRC (


  • Spread Firefox
    • Launch
    • Community Spotlight
  • Community Marketing Team Update:
    • Launch activities
    • Overall program going forward
    • Name suggestions?
  • update
  • Roundtable updates:
    • Irina
    • Tobi
    • Tomcat
  • Events:
    • Europe Update
    • Portland BarCamp
    • OSBridge
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Exciting News of the Day: William has just announced that here at Mozilla in Europe we are looking for a Community Marketing Intern for this summertime. Check out William’s blog for more details, but here’s a brief overview:

EU Community Marketing Internship

Location : Paris, France

Duration : 3-6 months

Internship responsibilities:

• Assist in developing, designing and implementing new community programs and marketing campaigns
• Communicate daily with European community member via IRC, forums, blogs etc…
• Assist with planning and logistics of Mozilla community events
• Represent Mozilla at conferences, tech fairs, community gatherings and various public events
• Provide day-to-day administrative support

We are delighted to be able to offer this position, and look forward to receiving applications from across Europe over the next few weeks.

There will be a lot of hard and interesting work, and don’t worry you wont need the jack boots! 😉

I’d like to make a personal welcome to Patrick Finch, who joined the European marketing team at Mozilla exactly one month ago today (to the date). I’m afraid I was remiss when Patrick first joined in formally blogging about him – so I want to do that now.

Patrick joins us here at Mozilla from Sun Microsystems where he worked for more than 10 years in many roles including sales, services, operations and latterly, in marketing.  Prior to working in marketing, he architected Sun’s quote-to-collect business processes for Europe.

He has been marketing open source software for three years, and has led communications for Sun’s open source group for the past two, advocating open source to customers, developers and internally within Sun (and he adds “… to friends, relatives and complete strangers!”).  Amongst other things, he has worked on the open-sourcing of the Solaris operating system (OpenSolaris) and Java.

As the latest edition to the European Marketing team, Patrick is our new Marketing Manager, and is based in Eskilstuna, Sweden (only a stone’s throw from Dave Tenser). As part of the EU marketing team (with William, Tristan and Anne-Julie), his role will encompass creating and running activities to further expand, and understand our user base in Europe. This includes everything from consumer campaigns, research, analysis, materials and events.

He started a new blog on his first day, so please be sure to add his RSS feed to learn more about our marketing activities in Europe, and also some musings on our industry in general.

We are excited to have Patrick on the team, and know he’s a great edition to our cause in Europe.

The Firefox 3 T-shirt design contest has finished, and we’re excited to announce the winners! Congratulations Tracie Andrews from the UK. Here’s her wining design which will be featured in the Mozilla Store as the official Firefox 3 T-shirt:

Firefox 3 t-shirt winner

The runners up were Kevin Weagle, Ali Riyaz, Mathew Anderson, and Brett Rex Cannell.

We received an incredible 2,000 submissions from all around the world. Thanks again to everyone for your support and creative contributions. Well done to all the winners!

Late last week and early this, we’ve seen Comscore release some interesting figures about Mozilla’s growth in 3 major EU locales.

According to Comscore’s press releases for Feb 2008 –

In the UK, Germany and France – Mozilla was the company who has gained the most ground of all sites in Feb – quite incredible growth.

It will be interesting to see the next Xiti report examining Firefox market share figures for Europe -Q1 figures should soon be out.

As Mozilla continues to achieve great success in Europe – we are looking to further expand our EU Marketing team!

Are you a seasoned marketeer looking for a new challenge? Excited about open source marketing, and passionate about the open Web? We would love to hear from you!

Take a look at the Marketing Manager job requirements below, and apply to before April 30th 2008.

Please note the location for this role is flexible throughout Europe, you would most likely be home based, and working remotely with your team colleagues already spread across Europe and the globe. We are looking for you to speak excellent English and also be fluent in at least one other language (we particularly are keen to find Italian, Spanish and German speakers).

European Marketing Manager
(Location Flexible; Based in the EU)

Reporting to the Director of European Marketing, the European Marketing Manager will be responsible for the promotion and adoption of Mozilla products and the Mozilla vision throughout Europe. Collaborating as part of a global marketing team and working directly with external agencies, and local communities across Europe, primary responsibilities will include defining and implementing both regional and pan-European marketing campaigns and activities, market research, and day-to-day marketing efforts in order to drive regional brand awareness, demand generation and user retention.

Position Description:
•    Budgeting, managing and executing marketing programs to drive brand awareness and adoption throughout Europe
•    Develop, implement and measure marketing retention programs to increase user loyalty and activity
•    Establish EU reports dashboard & prepare reports concerning downloads, activity, web traffic
•    Set up, monitor and adjust SEM activities
•    Oversee market, competitive, and customer research to understand customer needs and opportunities
•    Serve as an internal and external evangelist for the product line
•    Manage key external partner relationships
•    Support European community marketing campaigns
•    Where necessary organize and participate at key tradeshows, conferences and industry events
•    Assist with other marketing related activities

Position Requirements and Qualifications:
•    3-5 years of experience of planning and executing marketing programs for consumer software products or online services
•    BA in Marketing. MBA or equivalent experience preferred.
•    Proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research, and an ability to translate analytics into business and strategic requirements
•    Broad knowledge of Web applications and underlying technologies
•    The ability to speak effectively with product and development team
•    Excellent leadership, communication, and presentation skills
•    Ideally fluent in at least one European language, plus English
•    Strong character, ethics, and a high standard of performance
•    Ability and willingness to travel internationally
•    Experience with open source software and graphic design a plus

Great news!  We have started a search for an EU Community Marketing Manager to join Mozilla in Europe.

Its an exciting position where the ideal person will have a mixture of marketing and community/community management experience. And of course you need to be passionate about technology, the web and open source!  Below is the job overview, the location base is flexible in Europe. If you are keen, or have someone in mind I would love to hear from you!

Should you be interested in this position, please write to and use “EU Community Marketing Manager” as the subject of your e-mail.

We are excited to find a great person to help us with community marketing in Europe!!

EU Community Marketing Manager – (Location Flexible; Based in the EU)
Reporting to the Director of European Marketing, the European Community Marketing Manager will be responsible for developing and supporting Mozilla’s open source communities throughout Europe, whilst enabling and assisting communities to promote and spread Mozilla products and vision.  Collaborating as part of a global marketing team and working directly with local communities across Europe, primary responsibilities will include defining and implementing regional community campaigns and activities, market research, and day-to-day efforts in order to support community growth and effectiveness.

• Develop and implement new community programs
• Communicate across a diverse community of project contributors and product advocates
• Define and help implement European community marketing campaigns
• Encourage and support communities’ organic/grassroots marketing campaigns
• Conduct and assist with regular community surveys
• Work closely with product team to manage promotions and programs designed to deepen community engagement
• Oversee market, competitive, and customer research to understand customer needs and opportunities
• Review, share and provide information on Spreadfirefox, forums and blogs
• Manage key external partner relationships where necessary
• Where needed, participate with company presence at key tradeshow, conference and industry events
• Assist with other marketing related activities

Position Requirements:

• Bachelors /B.Sc degree. Fluent in at least one European language, plus English
• 3+ years professional experience in online community management and/or working on the marketing of a consumer-focused web property
• Expert in encouraging communication within social media applications (forums, blogs, etc.)
• The ability to speak effectively with product and development team
• Prior high-tech experience preferred and/or a deep love and appreciation of the internet and technology
• Ability to think, plan and execute resourcefully, with minimal supervision
• Outstanding planning, communications, skills, result focused
• Able to work effectively in a fast-paced, start-up environment
• Ability and willingness to travel internationally
• Experience with open source an asset

About Mozilla

Mozilla is focused on creating great software and maintaining choice and innovation in key Internet applications such as the highly acclaimed Mozilla Firefox web browser. We also provide a framework for the creation of web-enabled applications.

Mozilla is one of the largest open-source software development projects in existence. It includes paid and volunteer contributors numbering in the thousands, a range of spin-off projects, and a set of companies using Mozilla technology to build products. Mozilla guides the technical direction, development, testing, quality assurance, project management, software release, and infrastructure-building activities for this diverse group.

Mozilla employees work within a unique structure that combines open source DNA and development methodologies with extensive commercial involvement. We lead a highly invigorated community; our products garner worldwide attention; our technology touches the heart of the web itself. Successful employees are quick learners driven by the goals of innovation and choice on the Web, excited by change, unbothered by ambiguity, motivated by personal excellence, happy when doing many things and highly dedicated to the success of the project

Today I would like to introduce you to the folks who look after Mozilla marketing in Europe. We’re a mixture between a small compact team of only 4 folks and hundreds of people who in various ways take care of marketing related activities across multiple locales in Europe.

Our central team is based in Paris, and being a small team we need to fit together well to make things happen. As you will learn each person has their own unique area of expertise.

Tristan Nitot – Mozilla Europe’s President has played and continues to play a huge part in the success of Firefox in Europe. Tristan is a former Netscape employee and has worked with browsers for more than 12 years, creating Mozilla Europe in 2003. He’s one of the most natural public speakers and over the years has wooed many a journalist or skeptic to follow open source with passion, become a Firefox contributor and at the very least an avid user. I’ve never seen anyone with Tristan’s public speaking charm coupled with a deep understanding of the Web, open source and technology. His passion spills over, and all those around him are captivated, converted and often join the quest to evangelize the open web! Is it any wonder Tristan is our spokesperson for Mozilla in Europe! He travels often several countries at a time, speaking on Firefox, Mozilla and open source. conducting press interviews and makes himself always available to share his knowledge. Tristan compared to me is a long time blogger (since July 2002), and has one of the most read and applauded blogs in France.

Anne-Julie Ligneau – has been working in technology public relations for many years. Previously working for Streamezzo (mobile), and also for Netscape. Anne-Julie has a wealth of International experience which is necessary when coordinating Mozilla press and events across Europe. Mozilla works with 6 PR agencies throughout Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, and the UK, and Anne-Julie has a hard job dealing with the many requests from journalists around Europe, organizing press tours, events and speaking engagements. Anne-Julie has been working with Mozilla for 2 years.

Pascal Chevrel – served as a Mozilla volunteer contributor for many years before joining Mozilla to work full time on localization (L10N) and community development in 2006. Pascal plays an integral part between Mozilla development and marketing as he is responsible for coordinating the localization of Firefox from a content perspective. Actually, Pascal isn’t only coordinating Europe, but works with more than 40 different mind boggling language versions around the world. Pascal also speaks fluent Spanish and since some months has been working actively on growing Firefox market share in Spain and conducting press and radio interviews.

Jane Finette – that’s me. I joined Mozilla only a few months ago in October 2007. Previously, I worked at eBay in the UK, Sotheby’s and ChannelAdvisor in mostly marketing consumer and small business areas. I’ve come on board to help Mozilla in Europe work on more marketing strategy and campaigns to reach further audiences for Firefox. I’ll also be working on growing our team. I have been based in Berlin, Germany for the last 5 years and shall be moving back to London at the end of January.

You – introducing these few people above is really only a small insight into the many marketing activities which go on in Europe. Every day there are scores of people who have organized themselves into groups to help spread and promote Mozilla projects. This ranges from attending open source events on our behalf, printing leaflets and distributing them and much more, to the thousands of you who have recommended Firefox and helped install it for someone.  As mentioned, the activities we do are only a small chunk of the marketing which goes on every day and in every place – we couldn’t do everything and are grateful to the many of you who spread the word of Firefox and Mozilla in your own ways!  If you are someone who has helped Spread Firefox, and have a great story to share – please get in touch as I’d love to feature you on this blog.

That’s it for now, hope you feel you know us a little better,and I’ll keep you updated on our team progress as well as community marketing stories.



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