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Earlier this week Ken blogged about more regions topping the 50% Firefox market share.

Two of those countries were in Europe – our first locales to win more than half of the browser market share. They were Slovenia and Macedonia, with Poland almost there:


These are huge milestones for everyone.

But what does 50% market share mean? Is this a tipping point for even wider adoption? Or has the mission been accomplished?

On the former, we shall have to wait and see. And on the latter, we certainly have a lot more to do. I hope you have been following and contributing where possible to the Mozilla 2010 goal discussions which Mark Surman, Mitchell and Tristan have started amongst others. As you’ll read, Mozilla’s work is far from done. I am for one excited to see what the coming months will bring forth.

Xiti releases a studyon on the impact of Download Day and the launch of Firefox 3 in Europe:

Quoting Xiti – “Download Day” is plain to see: the average share of visits by Firefox 3 in European countries practically doubled between June 17 and 18, 2008:

* From June 9 to 17, Firefox 3’s market share is pretty stable…
* before rising from 3.6% on June 17 to 6.5% on June 18, 2008 with the launch of its official release.

Firefox 3’s share of visits then rises day by day to hit 9.3% on June 22, 2008, or almost one visit in every ten on average in Europe and a threefold rise during the week when “Download day” took place”.

They go on to show the table above with EU’s average market share hovering around 34% – which would be a 5% increase since the last Xiti report was published in April ( The numbers in this table are pretty changeable, reaching 34% 2 days before the launch of Fx 3.

Xiti should be publishing their quarterly report at the end of this month – it will be interesting to see the numbers for EU over this longer period.


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