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Firefox just reached 500,000,000 downloads!!!

What a phenomenal milestone for Firefox – we are absolutely thrilled! A few of us have been discussing and we all agree its sort of hard to imagine what that number means. So for perspective:

> its about the audience size of 10,000 Rome Colosseums combined.

> the weight, in kilograms, of 8,500 Boeing 747 airplanes.

> in dollars, for $500 million you and 15 of your friends can fly to the International Space Station

OR, you can do something worth-while and help feed 25,000 people. With your help we would like to break another big milestone today with . We would like to raise 500,000,000 grains of donated rice in one day. All you have to do is go along to the website and play the online game – for every correct answer you be donating 20 grains of rice. Check out more information on Spreadfirefox.


Spread the message, be the change. Food for thought, if we reach 500 million grains of rice, that’s a direct contribution in feeding 25,000 people for one day!


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