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As mentioned on my blog last week Tristan Nitot and Pascal Chevrel were in Spain for a few days to meet with our many local communities there. Tristan was also key-noting at the Internet Global Conference. Whilst there they found some time to meet with Spanish journalists and bloggers to update them on the up-coming launch of Firefox 3. Anne-Julie has been keeping us abreast of all the great press clippings, so thought I’d share some of them with you here. More to come over the next days/weeks:

Article published after Tristan’s keynoting at IGC in El pais:

One of the most read digital daily newspapers in Catalonia
Video interview on May 21st:


Canal PDA

ABC online

20 minutos

Consumer Press Meetings in Madrid

This week has been a busy week for Tristan and Anne-Julie. They headed to Spain on Monday afternoon, and met with our Mozilla community in Madrid on Monday evening. An early start saw them meeting with some very high-level press publications. It was the start of a big push for us to reach more consumer audiences by talking with more newspapers and magazines which have a more general readership. Meetings included:

  • El País (Largest newspaper in Spain)
  • Quo (monthly magazine about science for general public)
  • (video interview) (The biggest technological specialized editorial group with magazines such as
  • Computer World, PC World, Dealer World …)
  • Cinco Días (second business newspaper in Spain)
  • El Mundo (second largest newspaper in Spain)

Here’s some amazing press which has already been published today –

I’ll be sure to send more updates when we get them. Well done Tristan! He’ll be travelling to Milan, Italy the week of May 5th – to do more of the same.

Accessibility 2.0 – London, April 25th

Steve Lee, will be attending Accessibility 2.0 in London this Friday. I’ll be meeting him tomorrow and will an update about the event and more on Steve.

Zak Greant in Germany – April 24th.

Zak Greant from the Mozilla Foundation will be in Munich tomorrow giving a talk at the Leadership by Open Innovation in the Telecoms, IT and Media Industries conference. He’ll be speaking on “Beyond Methods, Processes, and Tools: The Fundamental Drivers to Succeed in Open Innovation”. You can read the conference program here: (opens as a PDF)


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