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Back in the UK now and catching up…. and trying to get over the jet lag.. again..

I posted last week on the official Mozilla blog about the GWR certificate:

Just wanted to shout out here before its too late to Ian, Davina, Charlie, and Peter at Glaxstar who organized and sponsored the event – we couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you too for eBay who also bought drinks!

Big thanks to Tristan who came over from Paris to accept the award and to Gerv Markham who attended on behalf on the Mozilla Foundation. Seth was carrying the all important cargo back from Europe this weekend to share the certificate with Mozillians in the US.

Unfortantely I missed it. but from what I can see here – a great time was had by all! 🙂

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Reuters :  Firefox revendique le record de téléchargements en 24 heures …

L’Informaticien :  Firefox 3 dans le Guiness : plus de 8 millions de téléchargements !

Vnunet :  Firefox 3 : premier logiciel à entrer dans le Guinness Book

Le Monde Informatique : Mozilla et Firefox 3 entrent officiellement au Guinness Book :  Firefox 3 a été téléchargé 8 002 530 fois en 24 heures

Record de téléchargements pour Firefox 3

Le : Firefox revendique le record de téléchargements en 24 heures

01Net : Firefox 3 fait son entrée dans le « Guinness Book »

Internet Standard:,0,Firefox_3_jest_rekord_Guinnessa.html

Mozilla Firefox community in the UK – join us this Wednesday July 9th to celebrate our Guinness World Record success, and Firefox 3. Gaz Deaves from GWR will be presenting the World Record Certificate to Tristan Nitot, President of Mozilla Europe and Gerv Markham of the Mozilla Foundation.

Glaxstar has kindly organized the evening bash at Club Eve in central London, and doors open at 6:30pm GMT.

An evening of fun, celebration, networking and dancing late into the evening with Mozilla – where else would you want to be on a barmy evening in London? Nearly 200 people have already signed up to come along.

There are free drinks until late courtesy of our friends at eBay and Glaxstar. Read more about the party and register on the Mozilla Party central:

Have fun – you deserve it!

Mozilla has officially made history with a new Guinness world record for the largest number of software downloads in a 24-hour period.”

Did you already download Firefox 3? Go get your Download Day certificate here:

I’m as proud as punch about mine…

Checkout this great link – and watch second by second those totals add up!

We all passed 1 million downloads in the first few hours!

Well done everyone – please keep going and spread the word! 🙂

Want to join the Firefox World Record group on Bebo? Check it out here and sign up! 🙂

Just a quick update to let you all know Firefox 3 will be released at 10am PDT – that’s 6pm GMT and 7pm CET. Not too much longer to wait… please hold in there!

Here’s the post on the Mozilla blog about the timing:

We are nearly there!!

Here at Mozilla we are getting ever closer to the final release of Firefox 3… the excitement is really building… we’re all absolutely looking forward to being live – very soon!

As part of our launch efforts we are announcing our intent at Mozilla today to set a Guinness World Record. The record will be for the “Largest number of software downloads in a single 24 hour period” –  we’re calling it “Download Day.”

Download Day will begin the very minute Firefox 3 becomes generally available and continue for a full day.

Check out the Download Day site:

What can you do to help and get involved?

Many, many things… as part of our community of developers, supporters, and if you are one of Firefox’s 175 million users worldwide – we want to invite you to participate.

You can support the mission to set a Guinness World Record on Download Day by

1) Pledging to download Firefox 3
2) Hosting a Firefox 3 party – plan an impromptu Download Fest at your school office, or home on Download Day – anywhere with an Internet connection
3) Document your download fests with pictures and video. Please be sure to tag them “Firefox World Record.”
4) Inviting your friends, family and work mates to participate
5) Placing Download Day buttons on your Web site –
6) Join one of the Download Day social networking groups and invite all your friends

We’ll keep you posted with more news of the coming days!!

Go pledge now!

For all you Brits out there.. what a total shame Norris McWhirter and Roy Castle from ‘Record Breakers‘ are not around for this one – child heros of mine…


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