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Please join us for Today’s call.

10 a.m. PDT / 7pm CET / 6pm GMT: Dial-in is +1 650-903-0800, ext 91, id 248 or + 1 800-707-2533, password 369, ext 91, id 248 and #events on

Here is the agenda:

* Europe Update

** John Lilly at Web 2.0 in Berlin, Germany, Oct 23rd

** Tristan Nitot at OSWC in Malaga, Spain, Oct 20-22

** MozCamp EU Barcelona, Oct. 26-28

* World Wide

** FSOSS, Oct. 24 – 24, Seneca College, Toronto
** MexicoWeb 2.0, Nov. 3 – 4, Cancun, Mexico
** Green Festival, Nov. 14 – 16, San Francisco, CA
** Nonprofit Software Development Summit, Nov. 17 – 19, Oakland, CA
**, Nov. 25 – 27, Bangalore, India
** Mozilla Contributor/User meetup, Nov. 29, Victoria, Canada
** FOSSCamp Dec. 5 – 6
** Add-on Con, Dec. 11, Mountain View

Back in the UK now and catching up…. and trying to get over the jet lag.. again..

I posted last week on the official Mozilla blog about the GWR certificate:

Just wanted to shout out here before its too late to Ian, Davina, Charlie, and Peter at Glaxstar who organized and sponsored the event – we couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you too for eBay who also bought drinks!

Big thanks to Tristan who came over from Paris to accept the award and to Gerv Markham who attended on behalf on the Mozilla Foundation. Seth was carrying the all important cargo back from Europe this weekend to share the certificate with Mozillians in the US.

Unfortantely I missed it. but from what I can see here – a great time was had by all! 🙂

Mozilla Firefox community in the UK – join us this Wednesday July 9th to celebrate our Guinness World Record success, and Firefox 3. Gaz Deaves from GWR will be presenting the World Record Certificate to Tristan Nitot, President of Mozilla Europe and Gerv Markham of the Mozilla Foundation.

Glaxstar has kindly organized the evening bash at Club Eve in central London, and doors open at 6:30pm GMT.

An evening of fun, celebration, networking and dancing late into the evening with Mozilla – where else would you want to be on a barmy evening in London? Nearly 200 people have already signed up to come along.

There are free drinks until late courtesy of our friends at eBay and Glaxstar. Read more about the party and register on the Mozilla Party central:

Have fun – you deserve it!

As mentioned on my blog last week Tristan Nitot and Pascal Chevrel were in Spain for a few days to meet with our many local communities there. Tristan was also key-noting at the Internet Global Conference. Whilst there they found some time to meet with Spanish journalists and bloggers to update them on the up-coming launch of Firefox 3. Anne-Julie has been keeping us abreast of all the great press clippings, so thought I’d share some of them with you here. More to come over the next days/weeks:

Article published after Tristan’s keynoting at IGC in El pais:

One of the most read digital daily newspapers in Catalonia
Video interview on May 21st:


Canal PDA

ABC online

20 minutos

Actually not only Tristan, but Pascal as well. 🙂

Its a jam-packed start to the week –


We held local community and blogger dinner in Barcelona with Tristan and Pascal


Tristan was keynoting at Internet Global Conference – his topic was “Thousands of voices to one final product: how the Mozilla community makes Firefox”
Here’s their description of the session: Tristan Nitot, founder of Mozilla Europe will explain how the Open-Source Mozilla project is organized so that thousands of contributors around the world can work together to produce a complex, but easy to use software product such as Firefox, used by 160 million users in more than 40 languages. Nitot will also discuss how the Open-Source model is enabling distributed innovation.

Elpais, a major Spanish daily has already written about the talk:

Then lots of press meetings all day planned with VilaWeb, El Punt, AVUI and Dossier Economic de Catalunya

Moving on to Madrid to host another local community and open source dinner

More press meetings talking about the soon to be launched Firefox 3
Hosting a round table – more infromation on this soon

Good luck Tristan and Pascal, you are going to be very tired – but its going to be worth it!

We look forward to hearing more from you soon!

Last week Tristan was in London talking at Internet World in London, he keynoted there on “The dangers of the proprietary web – Future of Internet and Open Source”. Whilst in the UK, where it poured incessantly the whole time, Tristan was able to meet blogger legend Rory Cellan-Jones. Rory is the BBC’s technology correspondent and writes for the Beeb’s tech blog He interviewed Tristan on open source, the background of Mozilla and of course the word on everyone’s lips – the new Firefox 3.

Read the article here and also see Rory’s video of Tristan’s Firefox 3 demo.

Rory Cellan and Mobile Interview with Tristan

Fab comments as well.


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