Thanks John for the call out… although I’m a bit late getting around to it …

Now then… what are you going to make of this?!

1. I studied Art History at the Universities of Manchester and Leicester, and was destined for a life in Art and Antiques. My early career was spent working at Sotheby’s – the world’s third oldest Fine Art Auction house (1744). I was once entrusted to carry a Cape of Good Hope stamp in my handbag across London for valuation, with no idea it was worth Β£180,000 (yepp – that many naughts!). Pretty good job, I didn’t know. I could have run off to The Bahamas, or turned out to be a nervous wreak! πŸ˜‰


2. Many of you wouldn’t think me the most competitive of folks, but in my early twenties, I sort of fell into grass track car racing and ended up being pretty good at it. I owned and drove a Ford Fiesta, and helped gut the interior, build a roll cage and weld bits of metal. And I err… once apparently, changed a drive shaft.. although instructions were being yelled out to me (not sure if that counts in the world of men and cars)

3. I do have a propensity to say things like ‘Hon’, Cheeky’ and ‘Lovely’ – I keep trying to stop, but then they just keep tumbling out of my mouth…

4. My accent is weird. It used to be very British, and I was often complimented on it as a child. But as the hard years have worn by, and I’ve been exposed to this great world – it is not unusual for someone meeting me for the first time to ask “…. are you Australian? No, I mean South African? Irish? Canadian? American?!! ” Truth be told its a total mixture… and I cant remember the last time someone thought I was actually British! My voice could be quite distinguished if I could simply stick to just one of the above dulcet tones…

5. I once owned an art gallery in Berlin. I sold young British artist’s work, and started an undergraduate art contest called ‘Bright Young Things’. The contest did make a bit of noise, and I had the pleasure of being interviewed for BBC World.



> Billboard in Berlin of the Bright Young Things Art Contest

6. The Best Man at my Wedding – Chris Mueller, is one of the founders of the techno music scene – Gabbar. Sort of hard core techno… err… not really my thing, but he now plays industrial noise, which can be quite good to work to! Honestly!


Some URLs on Christian:

XOL DOG 400:



7. I recently ran 3.5 miles – having always thought that I couldn’t run to save my life!Β  So, the next time I am being chased by evil something or others, I will at least have 3.5 miles of buffer — if, and only ‘if’ they run slowly! πŸ˜‰

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Melissa Shaprio – I just love her writing

Marcia Knous – because she needs to blog more and I think she has interesting tales to tell!

Gen Kanai – as I would like to get to know him better. Gen you are so far away!

Suneel Gupta – because he has connections! πŸ˜‰

Johnathan Nightingale – as you have a lovely last name.. and we are looking forward to have you over in Europe soon!

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