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Firefox 3.5 is now alive and kicking! Our fastest release ever, new personal security features and support for open video. Its a release in which once again Firefox is “Upgrading the Web”.

Help us celebrate this landmark achievement in London, on Monday July 6. We’ll have a few beers together, and there will be a big screen to demo Firefox 3.5 and what’s new at Mozilla Labs.

We’d love to see your demos too – so please come along and share what you have.

Sign up on Upcoming at :

When: Monday July 6, 2009 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: Shooting Star

125-129 Middlesex Street
London, England E1 8JF

See you there! 🙂
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I blogged a few days ago about how many people talk to me these days about the web, and how it impacts their and their families’ lives. Almost all the folks over 35 want to talk about how their kids interact with the Internet, and are generally more worried than they are thrilled by kids spending more and more of their time online.

We all have to admit, that we have become like our own parents (when we were young), and do not fully understand the world of our children. Thankfully there are many tools and bits of software which help parents protect their children whilst browsing the Web. Firefox Add-ons such as Glubble allow parents to set which sites children can visit, whilst youngsters can safely play games, chat, surf and find information.

That said, a worrying development of the Web has been the rise cyber-bullying in our children’s lives. Beatbullying, is a UK based charity who works tirelessly to help Britain’s youngsters deal with and protect themselves against bullying. Earlier this year they launched their CyberMentors Program, offering help and advice from trained mentors to anyone who is being bullied online. Mozilla supported CyberMentors project straight out of the gate, whereby members of the Mozilla community volunteered to be trained as CyberMentors. Yesterday, we took our partnership a stage further for this worthwhile cause by building and launching a new custom Firefox browser for CyberMentors.

The new browser offers:
• Chatting with victims of bullying and other CyberMentors
• Reporting online bullying
• Providing tips for online safety
• Accessing the Beatbullying media centre

The Firefox browser has been customised with building-in buttons and a media-player which links easily to CyberMentors video and audio. There’s also a persona (skin for your browser) which kids will love.

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Beatbullying campaign to make ‘the web a safer environment for youngsters’. We are proud to work side by side together with a fellow public benefit organization, advancing our mission to improve the online experience for people everywhere, whilst keeping the web safe and open for everyone.
Get Firefox for CyberMentors on the PC, Mac & Linux,  and if you already use Firefox, you just need the Add-On >>

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8,002,530 people downloaded Firefox 3 from 18:16 UTC on June 17, 2008 to 18:16 UTC on June 18, 2008 and if that was one of you thank you!! You helped set a Guinness World Record for the “largest number of software downloads in 24 hours.”

I’m still in awe of your accomplishment! As I blogged about before please dont forget to download your certificate!

Here’s the full quote from GWR: “As the arbiter and recorder of the world’s amazing facts, Guinness World Records is pleased to add Mozilla’s achievement to our archives,” said Gareth Deaves, Records Manager for Guinness World Records. “Mobilising over 8 million internet users within 24 hours is an extremely impressive accomplishment and we would like to congratulate the Mozilla community for their hard work and dedication.”

Read the official Mozilla Blog post

And see the press release for more facts

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Great article and video with Tristan on Sky News:,,91221-1319341,00.html

Thanks to Pete in Portmouth for the great comment to:

“Finally, a browser which demonstrates thought going into the user experience. Firefox 3 is brilliant. It starts up quickly, loads pages noticeably quicker than IE and has several brilliant features which make it the new browser of choice … I’d recommend it to anyone, from the most tech-savvy user to the Internet newbie.”

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Marcia Knous and Lukas Blakk put together this cool and fun short video of the Ultimate Heavyweight Championship battle between Firefox 3 and The Other Browser.  You can see the video here:

Made me smile – thanks guys! 🙂

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Getting up and getting online to find more than 5 million people had downloaded Firefox 3 whilst I was sleeping was pretty incredible. We’re all just starting our day here in Europe, and pretty excited about what more can be achieved in the next 9 or so hours…

You’ve already done an amazing job – please carry on and spread the word – you are making history!

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We are finally all systems go a little later than planned – thanks for your patience out there, I know some folks were staying up into the wee hours in your time zone to be the first to download. I’ll be posting more here soon with some big shouts of thanks – but for the meantime…. please all go and download Firefox 3 now… 🙂

Last count there was more than 1.7 million pledges – I’m excited to see what numbers we can achieve in the next 24 hours. In a way the numbers do not matter – what matters, is that many millions of people will be using the very best and safest browser out there to date.

To be part of the World Record please download Firefox 3 by 11:16 a.m. PDT (18:16 UTC) on June 18th.  Please remember that Guinness is only counting complete downloads.   If you’re using an early version of Firefox 3, such as a beta or release candidate, you’ll need to download the new Firefox 3 to be counted.

Please help us document this history-making event with photos and videos.  Please tag images and videos with “Firefox 3,” “Download Fest,” “World Record,” and “Download Day.”

And to quote Mitchell –

“If you know anyone who’s not using Firefox already, now is the time.   Help them head over to Download Day, set a world record, and enjoy what the web can be.”

Very proud to be part of Mozilla today – well done everyone.

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Here’s a really great map Digital Inspiration have produced – showing the time zones around the world at the precise time Firefox 3 will go live today.

See their great work here:

Digital Inspiration is an online magazine that covers software reviews, video tutorials, technology news and productivity tips.

Thanks guys – you really ROCK!

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