Second day at CeBIT today for Mozilla, and day we’ll be holding the first of two sessions in the open source forum area. Chris Hofmann will be talking about how to leverage Firefox in Enterprise and mixing this with an informal discussion about the experiences people have encountered deploying Firefox in the workplace. Read the full overview below:

Wednesday March 4th at 2:30pm
“Understanding Open Source & Mozilla. How You Can Leverage Firefox in Your Enterprise or Institution.”

Chris will explain what is behind Firefox’s amazing growth in browser market share over the last 5 years, and offers insight into what is driving adoption in Enterprise and Institutional settings. He will share ideas on how to evaluate if Open Source is the right solution for your organization, and how institutions are gaining leverage in their businesses by using Open Source Software solutions. Chris will describe how to set up pilot projects to identify and remove obstacles for successfully deploying Firefox.

The talks from the OpenSource Forum will be streamed live – so if you are not at CeBIT, check out the live stream of Chris’s talk at 2:30pm CET:

The full OpenSource Forum program is here :

Chris and Tim Riley will be holding another talk on Saturday Mar 7th at 2:30pm CET on ‘Getting involved with the Mozilla Project’ which will also be streamed live.