After many months of careful research, pulling and planning, the Mozilla Community Marketing Guide is LIVE!

Go to http://contribute.mozilla.org/Marketing and check it out!

This is a great milestone for us as a team, and as a marketing community. If you are involved in marketing Mozilla and Firefox, you will have known there was no shortage of information lurking around on SpreadFirefox, Mozilla.org, SpreadThunderbird etc – but there wasn’t really a single place where you could find all the dos and a few don’ts about marketing Mozilla, our mission and our products. So – we are very glad to say that’s all changed since 6pm GMT today!

You can now find an array of information, everything from blogging and tagging about Mozilla, to talking with the press, attending and organising events, Guerrilla Marketing Activities and so much more!

If you are just getting started this site will act as your guide to kick off your first campaign or event, and if you are an old pro like many of you are – then we hope this will make your life easier, and you’ll learn something new to boot!

The idea for this came together some time ago now, when I first joined Mozilla and as a newbie (new person), I was trying to find my way around all our marketing materials and activities. There was so much to learn, and so many places to remember this or that bit of information — I could appreciate how hard it would be for a community marketeer who wanted to get involved in the project, but not know where to start! The idea of a toolkit came to mind, and when Patrick and William joined late last summer, and along with Mary they took up the challenge to make it happen.

A huge Thank you to everyone who has contributed, and made this happen – its an amazing example of working together in itself.

It’s a ‘work in progress’ area, one we’ll keep adding to – and so please let any of us know if you have suggestions to add to the Guide.

So.. good luck, enjoy and we hope it will help spur many more marketeers, and marketing activity!