I’m attending FOSDEM in Brussels this weekend. Its my first time at this amazing event and I’m very excited to be able to take part. We are expecting more than 100 Mozilla contributors from all over Europe to join many other open sources projects and followers for 2 days of keynotes, seminars, and hacking sessions. Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation has the opening keynote tomorrow – addressing “… what do freedom, openness and participation look like 10 years from now?”

Also check out the Mozilla Dev Room Sessions here:  http://fosdem.org/2009/schedule/devrooms/mozilla

On Sunday between 2pm and 4pm, we’ll also be leading a marketing cafe, to discuss how open sources project tackle marketing, and maybe learn some new ideas from each other.

Seeing around 3,500 people all there to support the Open Source, and the Open Web is really tremendous. I’m told the experience is enlightening, and one comes away with such an amazing feeling of what people can achieve when they come together.

I’ll look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you soon.

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