picture-12Over the weekend I read Seth Godin‘s new book – Tribes. It’s a great read if you are involved in a movement like Mozilla, and pulls together much of the why and the how, of how we have been operating all together as a ‘tribe’ for years.

And if you are not yet involved in a project or tribe, this book is certainly an empowering read to go out there and make a difference to your workplace, your hometown, and even the World. Godin makes claim, with all the technology out there, and more than 1 billion people connected via the wonderful thing that is the Web – we should all be able to follow our beliefs and make change happen. I’d like to second that!

Some noteworthy points:

‘The movement happens when people talk to one another, when ideas spread within the community, and most of all, when peer support leads people to do what they always knew was the right thing.’

‘Tribes are bored of yesterday, and demand tomorrow’

‘With enough leverage, you can change your company, your industry, and the World.’

As we move into 2009 – I’m excited to see what our Mozilla community is going to accomplish together as a tribe. We have already come so far, and are a tremendous example to the World of just what can be achieved when people come together and want change to happen.

Parting thought: Godin quotes Flynn Berry who claims that when people talk about opportunity, we should substitute the word opportunity with ‘obligation’. I like this idea very much, and think we all have an obligation ‘…to change the rules, to raise the bar, to play a different game, and play it better than anyone has the right to believe is possible’. Do something good for the world in whatever manifestation this may take.

So – whether that’s encouraging more people to get involved with the Mozilla project, joining a tribe which speaks to you, or leading others to follow your passion and belief – make it happen today. There’s no time to waste – go tell your story! 🙂

Download the Tribes Q&A ebook