Seth Godin has a post today on – ‘The high cost of now’

He questions is it really worth having that snippet of information *right now*, be that the latest stock market news, or pulling your email, or whatever it might be – or are we caught in an addiction loop destined to only waste time (and money)? Of course some industries/folks need information as fast as possible to make decisions and act wisely, but there’s a whole lot of us out there dependent on having something immediately in our hands, just because we can.

How much time do we loose by being at the beck and call of this information? How much does it prevent us from doing the real task at hand? It was a bit of a wake up call for me. I think I am, like many others addicted to email for starters.

The post is worth reading, if nothing else to help spark any pointless needs of information you might have, and should cut off the supply! 🙂