Yesterday, I posted some information on the Mozilla Labs guys Aza Raskin & Dan Mills coming to Europe. I wanted to pull out the Berlin bit today, as a few folks have said they can’t attend for the whole 3 days, so wont be able to make it.

Let me explain… the Labs days in Berlin next week are completely open house, you will be pleased to know. You can attend for 30 minutes or stay all day (or for all 3 days!) its up to you. There will be much going on, including the chance to sit down with the labs guys – Aza & Dan for an informal chat, and of course do some hacking if you want to. You can find out more about the many Mozilla Labs projects including Weave, Ubiquity and the Concept Series.

If you are a computer science or Interface Design student – this would be a great chance to meet the folks behind Mozilla. Please drop by. 🙂

Come to c-base venue on Rungestrasse 20, 10179 Berlin between these times:

Tuesday 2:30pm-7pm, Oct 21st. Berlin. – Hack Day 1
Wednesday 10:30am-7pm, Oct 22nd. Berlin. – Hack Day 2
Thursday 10:30am-2pm, Oct 23rd. Berlin. – Hack Day 3

See you there!

Official Mozilla Labs post on their Berlin visit: