Next week, we will have the great pleasure of welcoming Aza Raskin and Dan Mills from the Mozilla Labs team to a whistle stop tour of Europe. Aza blogged about this yesterday and we’ll be posting more in the next few days.

Aza is Mozilla Lab’s Head of User Experience, and Dan is the engineering lead for the Weave project.

They will kick off their EU visit in London on Monday Oct 20th, with some press and blogger meetings, followed by a Labs night at UCL (scroll down to Oct 20th). If you would like to attend, please email UCL in advance – details all on that UCL webpage. They will be having an informal Labs meetup somewhere in Soho after the UCL meet – we’ll post here with the venue in the next few days.

Tuesday morning is an early start traveling to Berlin, where they will be based until Thursday afternoon. We’ll be holding open Mozilla Labs Hack Days at the amazing c-base venue. Its free and open to all so please stop by around these times:

Tuesday 2:30pm-7pm, Oct 21st. Berlin. – Hack Day 1
Wednesday 10:30am-7pm, Oct 22nd. Berlin. – Hack Day 2
Thursday 10:30am-2pm, Oct 23rd. Berlin. – Hack Day 3

The guys will be discussing Weave, Ubiquity, The Design Concept Series, Geode and much more. Please come along and find out what’s going and also feel free to contribute.

On Friday Oct 24th, Aza & Dan will journey on to visit two Barcelona based univerities (venues to be confirmed), they will also have an informal Labs night. We’ll share more on this in the next few days.

Lastly over the weekend, Mozilla is hosting its first Mozilla Camp Europe where Aza and Dan will be joined by Mozilla’s Chief Innovation OfficerChris Beard.

We are thrilled to have Mozilla Labs visit Europe, and are hoping you have the chance to meet them in either London, Berlin or Barcelona!

We’ll post more news soon!