I’d like to make a personal welcome to Patrick Finch, who joined the European marketing team at Mozilla exactly one month ago today (to the date). I’m afraid I was remiss when Patrick first joined in formally blogging about him – so I want to do that now.

Patrick joins us here at Mozilla from Sun Microsystems where he worked for more than 10 years in many roles including sales, services, operations and latterly, in marketing.  Prior to working in marketing, he architected Sun’s quote-to-collect business processes for Europe.

He has been marketing open source software for three years, and has led communications for Sun’s open source group for the past two, advocating open source to customers, developers and internally within Sun (and he adds “… to friends, relatives and complete strangers!”).  Amongst other things, he has worked on the open-sourcing of the Solaris operating system (OpenSolaris) and Java.

As the latest edition to the European Marketing team, Patrick is our new Marketing Manager, and is based in Eskilstuna, Sweden (only a stone’s throw from Dave Tenser). As part of the EU marketing team (with William, Tristan and Anne-Julie), his role will encompass creating and running activities to further expand, and understand our user base in Europe. This includes everything from consumer campaigns, research, analysis, materials and events.

He started a new blog on his first day, so please be sure to add his RSS feed to learn more about our marketing activities in Europe, and also some musings on our industry in general.

We are excited to have Patrick on the team, and know he’s a great edition to our cause in Europe.