It’s not the Gates, it’s the bars:

Latest from Richard Stallman Founder of the Free Software Foundation on Bill Gates departure and dismantling persisting walled gardens featured on the BBC’s tech section.

An open-source problem? Too many scratches for too few itches:

Matt Asay from cnet’s ‘The Open Road‘ on the challenges of too many open but unfinished, low grade tools out there. He thinks some cleaning up and focus is needed, the comments lambast him for promoting monopolistic behavior be it propriety or open… Make sure you read the replies.

How Can We Harness the Firefox Effect?
Glyn Moody from the Linux Journal has a compelling write up on how more open source projects should try to harness the mass popularity. His comments on the work we still have to do for Firefox are true, there are millions more folks we could be reaching!


Understanding the Web browser threat:
Examination of vulnerable online Web browser populations and the “insecurity iceberg” :

Published Jul 1st by researchers from Google, IBM and the Communication Systems Group in Switzerland, Quoting the Washinton post: “The researchers found that of the 1.4 billion Internet users worldwide at the end of March 2008, 576 million surfed with outdated versions of Web browsers”.

Extensive research of online surfing habits finding that only 60% of the World’s Web users are surfing the Internet with the latest, and most-secure version of their  Web browsers. And infact their findings show Firefox users are by far the most up to date users on the Web.
Read a great write up from Asa here:

The study proposes’s the following…”To help combat existing and rapidly evolving threats such as malicious drive-by downloads, we have proposed the concept of a “best before” date for software and related mechanisms to tackle user awareness and provide a vehicle for online businesses to better assess the risk level of their customers’ hosts. ” Excellent idea.