Last year many folks pulled together the first official Mozilla Developer Day in Europe – this was before my time but reading the comments from Mike Schroepfer’s blog: a GREAT day was had by all. It was held in Paris in June 2007, with about 80 folks in total – a jam packed day full of updates, demos and much chat about, catch up on and get to know new faces.

We are delighted to let you know we are planning to do the same again this year!

The definite date is still being tied down. We decided to go for the second half of the year whilst we focus on dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s for Firefox 3’s launch – coming soon. The plan would likely be to hold something at the start of Q4 – that’s seems like a long wait, but the summer holidays will soon pass and we hope with the plans for this year, the next Developer event in Europe is going to really, really rock!
More news coming soon, and requests for feedback.