Some of you have been asking a lot of questions about the t-shirt contest and if/when they will be able to buy them. I’ve been asking our colleague Tara Shahian who helped manage the contest and she’s given us some early feedback. The dates could move, and stuff change – so please take this as a guide for now and we shall have some firmer news shortly to share.

1.)  When can we buy the t.shirt?

“We have submitted the design to our Mozilla Store teams… Production time can take generally anywhere from 2-5 weeks, but we are working on getting them in the Stores as soon as possible”.

2.)  Where can I view the other t-shirt submissions?

“You can definitely view the other submissions, they are all in the original contest image-pool on Flickr. (UPDATED LINK) The only hurdle is that you need to have a Flickr account and become a member of the contest group in order to gain full viewing rights.  Some of the submissions have been removed by the designers themselves, but the greater majority are still up and displayed on the image-wall.  The Top 5 designs were posted on the Mozilla Store and they were also posted on the Flickr discussion group:

Also check out this image gallery link on Spreadfirefox :

3.) Can I buy any of the other designs?

“This is a popular question… and one that has inspired us into creating a whole new project to help embrace and promote the many ‘other’ great designs that we’ve received from this contest… We’re working hard on this and are excited to make it happen”. We should have more news soon.