Today I would like to introduce you to the folks who look after Mozilla marketing in Europe. We’re a mixture between a small compact team of only 4 folks and hundreds of people who in various ways take care of marketing related activities across multiple locales in Europe.

Our central team is based in Paris, and being a small team we need to fit together well to make things happen. As you will learn each person has their own unique area of expertise.

Tristan Nitot – Mozilla Europe’s President has played and continues to play a huge part in the success of Firefox in Europe. Tristan is a former Netscape employee and has worked with browsers for more than 12 years, creating Mozilla Europe in 2003. He’s one of the most natural public speakers and over the years has wooed many a journalist or skeptic to follow open source with passion, become a Firefox contributor and at the very least an avid user. I’ve never seen anyone with Tristan’s public speaking charm coupled with a deep understanding of the Web, open source and technology. His passion spills over, and all those around him are captivated, converted and often join the quest to evangelize the open web! Is it any wonder Tristan is our spokesperson for Mozilla in Europe! He travels often several countries at a time, speaking on Firefox, Mozilla and open source. conducting press interviews and makes himself always available to share his knowledge. Tristan compared to me is a long time blogger (since July 2002), and has one of the most read and applauded blogs in France.

Anne-Julie Ligneau – has been working in technology public relations for many years. Previously working for Streamezzo (mobile), and also for Netscape. Anne-Julie has a wealth of International experience which is necessary when coordinating Mozilla press and events across Europe. Mozilla works with 6 PR agencies throughout Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, and the UK, and Anne-Julie has a hard job dealing with the many requests from journalists around Europe, organizing press tours, events and speaking engagements. Anne-Julie has been working with Mozilla for 2 years.

Pascal Chevrel – served as a Mozilla volunteer contributor for many years before joining Mozilla to work full time on localization (L10N) and community development in 2006. Pascal plays an integral part between Mozilla development and marketing as he is responsible for coordinating the localization of Firefox from a content perspective. Actually, Pascal isn’t only coordinating Europe, but works with more than 40 different mind boggling language versions around the world. Pascal also speaks fluent Spanish and since some months has been working actively on growing Firefox market share in Spain and conducting press and radio interviews.

Jane Finette – that’s me. I joined Mozilla only a few months ago in October 2007. Previously, I worked at eBay in the UK, Sotheby’s and ChannelAdvisor in mostly marketing consumer and small business areas. I’ve come on board to help Mozilla in Europe work on more marketing strategy and campaigns to reach further audiences for Firefox. I’ll also be working on growing our team. I have been based in Berlin, Germany for the last 5 years and shall be moving back to London at the end of January.

You – introducing these few people above is really only a small insight into the many marketing activities which go on in Europe. Every day there are scores of people who have organized themselves into groups to help spread and promote Mozilla projects. This ranges from attending open source events on our behalf, printing leaflets and distributing them and much more, to the thousands of you who have recommended Firefox and helped install it for someone.  As mentioned, the activities we do are only a small chunk of the marketing which goes on every day and in every place – we couldn’t do everything and are grateful to the many of you who spread the word of Firefox and Mozilla in your own ways!  If you are someone who has helped Spread Firefox, and have a great story to share – please get in touch as I’d love to feature you on this blog.

That’s it for now, hope you feel you know us a little better,and I’ll keep you updated on our team progress as well as community marketing stories.