Well, I finally got my act together and decided to start another blog.

I wouldn’t say I’m a virgin blogger, but it has been sometime since I penned those first online musing. My first entry into the blogosphere was during the time I owned my art gallery in 2004/5 – and well, babbling about this and that good and bad art, was I suppose not for everyone’s taste. Now, as then, this blog will not be for all.

Much has changed since 2005 in the World, and in mine. A big one which affected us both was the rise of the open source project Mozilla and their Firefox web browser. Released in 2004, Firefox was created and developed by thousands of volunteers around the globe in response to Microsoft’s lack of innovation in the browser space. In fact nothing was changed or made better on their browser Internet Explorer for more than 5 years. So its easy to imagine just how much time we all lost by this lack of innovation of the Web which permeates all our lives.

In only 3 short years Firefox now claims more than 17% of the World’s browser market (140m users). Its a real David and Goliath story, and one where every day we all work harder and try to make the Web a better place. We’ve been doing a stellar job, and I’m hoping I can now help in my own way.

I started working for Mozilla in mid October 2007, and have come on board to help with Marketing in Europe. According to Xiti our averaged market share in Europe is more than 27% and in Germany its close to 35% – but there’s still a lot to do!

Over the next blog posts I’ll be explaining more about why I came on board at Mozilla and what we want to achieve for Marketing in Europe. I’ll also post here further ‘plain English’, non-techy explanations about what is ‘open source’, the ‘open web’ and other topics which could do with some simple Mom and Pa definitions . You might also find the odd ‘personal’ observation, tip or photo…

That’s it for now.